Surveillance assignments are carried out by the true professionals at Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations with thousands of hours of field experience. Investigators are experienced in conducting surveillance for Insurance Fraud, Worker’s Compensation Fraud, Dishonest Employees, Infidelity, Minor children in trouble, Asset Investigations, Child Abuse in the public domain, or to prove if illicit drugs are being used, or purchased. We are prepared to fulfill your surveillance needs anywhere within the Central Valley or State of California.

Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations has been a leader in providing quality Background Investigations to business clients in Modesto, the Central Valley and the State of California. We successfully provide our clients with decision making technology and information that helps reduce fraud and mitigate risk. When you are ready to hire individuals for your business, it is important to properly and thoroughly screen them. Employment Screening will verify an applicant’s criminal record, driving record, credit, education verification and more. A Background search is essential when finding the right fit for your company. Business and Corporate Partners, Professional Relationships, Personal Relationships – all relationships are based on achieving a certain level of trust. Some people require that trust be earned over time, but time is a luxury you may not have. Before embarking on what could be a very important business or personal relationship, wouldn’t it be prudent to find out if the other party has anything in their past that you would rather know about?

Every day across the country, people and machines react unexpectedly, causing thousands of accidents that claim lives or cause permanent injuries. Hiring an Investigator to conduct an Accident Reconstruction Investigation can determine what caused the accident. Gary L. Ermoian Investigations can provide professional Accident Reconstruction Investigations in Modesto and throughout the Central Valley and State of California to determine what caused an accident, who might be liable for damages and injuries and verify if negligence was involved. Sometimes just knowing what happened can bring a sense of closure.

Photography and Video produces physical evidence that can be used to assist you in your case. Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations will provide you with professionally obtained evidence via photos and video. We can also assist you with video systems for your home or business to help protect you, your family, employees and property. Covert systems are also available to help protect your children and your business.

Do you need a bug sweep? Allow the professionals at Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can conduct an Electronic Countermeasures Investigation to verify that your home or workplace is secure from eavesdropping, wiretaps, recording devices or hidden cameras. If you are concerned that you are bugged by someone illegally, your privacy has been violated or your sensitive conversations are being monitored, our Electronic Countermeasures Investigation can help. Our trained Investigators can sweep your home, business or vehicle so that you, your family and employees are safe. Corporate meetings? Don’t be a victim of espionage by allowing corporate spies or competitors to harm your business with spy products that are readily available and sold via the internet!