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Debtors, Skips, Relatives, Friends, Past Employees…Do you need to find a person who owes you money? Need to find someone who has skipped on their bail and left you holding the bag? Or has a loved one, friend or past employee gone missing or merely not made contact in years and you have no way to contact them? We can assist you in locating this lost individual. Deadbeat parents who owe child support are also a growing problem. While the Federal and State governments have made it more difficult to shirk one’s duties, there are still those who prove difficult to find and nearly impossible to collect from. Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can assist you locate deadbeat parents in Modesto, the Central Valley and throughout the State of California.

A Missing Child or dependant who has fled and may be in danger is a problem that should be dealt with immediately. Our experience missing persons investigators will not only scour the Central Valley and State of California for your child, but perform investigations based on the child’s state of mind prior to the incident to obtain clues as to their whereabouts. We also assist our clients locate children who have been abducted by a parent or unknown person as part of our missing persons investigative service.