By using our 100% legal and fully organized data bases, Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can assist you by having access to the research tools for obtaining public information about practically anyone!

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) maintains records for automobile, motorcycle, vessel and other vehicle registration. Additionally, driver records are also controlled by DMV. As certified California DMV Requestors, Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can successfully and expeditiously obtain the DMV Records you need for your case. We are also capable of obtaining DMV Records throughout the United States.

Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations and has the capability of conducting Real Property Searches throughout the State of California and Nationally.
Do you need information about real property ownership? , Property liens? Property assessment information? Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can conduct the necessary real property searches to obtain the information you need. Call us to today for prompt, accurate and reliable service!

A Judgment is a court order directing a civil defendant to pay money to another party.
A Lien, is a court order placed against the home or property when the judgment debtor fails to pay a debt. A UCC filing (Uniform Commercial Code) is a filing for certain financing statements and recording of secured financial assets. If you are conducting business with an individual, you may want to know if any Liens, Judgments, UCC Filings, or Bankruptcies exist! This could be vital to your business or personal relationship with an individual. Allow Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations to conduct these necessary searches throughout the State of California and Nationally, to make sure you are safe when conducting your business and personal transactions.

Court Records are a vast source of information, from criminal convictions, law suits, divorces, restraining orders and much, much more! Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can accurately and promptly retrieve the necessary court records you need to complete your investigation.

Corporate Records can provide verification of a business entity, business ownership, location, and more. Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations  can accurately and promptly retrieve the corporate records you need anywhere within the State of California, and Nationally.

What Professionals are you dealing with? Physicians, Lawyers, Nurses, Contractors?

Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can accurately and promptly verify Professional Licenses anywhere in the State of California and Nationally. Verify the legitimacy of professionals that you are placing your trust in!

Telephone Number Searches can provide the name and address from landlines and cellular telephones. Gary L. Ermoian, Investigations can also locate telephone numbers using an address or a subjects name and identifying information. Tracing a telephone number can often result in locating information to solve a puzzle!

Even though it may not be listed here…we can probably find it!
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