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Testimonials from Our Many Satisfied Clients

“As a student of Mr. Ermoian’s, I feel privileged to have learned from his expansive knowledge and experience in the criminal justice field. He is not only an asset to the community but an outstanding educator and professional.”
Fallon Johnson, Student CSU Modesto, CA

“I have known Gary Ermoian, both professionally and personally for over 25 years. Gary’s investigative abilities are exceptional! Gary is successful when other investigators have failed! I highly recommend Gary to anyone in need of a Private Investigator….he is the best!
D.J. Lindsey, Writer & Publisher, Mendocino, CA

“I am pleased to recommend Gary Ermoian to anyone seeking Private Investigative Services. Our agency has used Mr. Ermoian’s Investigative Services for many years. We have always found Mr. Ermoian to be highly trained and extremely experienced. Mr. Ermoian represents the highest standard of Professionalism in the Private Investigation Industry. Mr. Ermoian’s honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.”
T.J. Kortlang, Executive Vice President, ACC Inc. Modesto, CA

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gary L. Ermoian as a Private Investigator. Mr. Ermoian has been retained by this office since 1995 in numerous criminal matters because he is a true professional whose his reputation is that he is an advocate for the truth. …Numerous cases, including serious felonies, have been dismissed as a direct result of Mr. Ermoian’s through investigation. …Mr. Ermoian is of great assistance to counsel in that he has spent countless hours educating me in proper investigative techniques…I am a better lawyer because of Gary Ermoian. If all investigators were of Mr. Ermoian’s high ethical and professional caliber we would all benefit…”
Mary Lynn Belsher, J.D. , Attorney at Law Modesto, CA

“I have used the Private Investigative Services of Gary L. Ermoian for several years. Mr. Ermoian is a true professional who provides top-notch services. Mr. Ermoian’s investigative abilities are exceptional and I would recommend Mr. Ermoian without hesitation.”
Lawrence Beaver, Esq. Attorney at Law Modesto, CA

“Gary L. Ermoian, CPI is recognized by the CALI 2008-2009 District Governor as a true humanitarian and fine example to all. His continuing dedication to our District Members as well as to the entire Industry, and his actions and his generosity to his fellow professionals and common man do reflect gratefully upon us all.”
Dennis Raymond, Governor San Joaquin District 2008-2009 California Association of Licensed Investigators

“The prompt and professional services of Gary Ermoian have been crucial to our client case work at my law office for many years.  I have so much confidence in the quality of work performed by Gary Ermoian Investigations that I frequently refer family, friends and business associates to him.”
Armando M. Flores, Attorney at Law Modesto, CA